What’s the good grounding system and lightning protection system should be?

What’s the good grounding system and lightning protection system should be?

Question: To install the grounding systems and lightning protection system for the building, as getting information from websites by many companies around the world indicate that all the grounds of all systems in the Building should be bonded together into one circuit e.g. the air-conditioning system ground, telephone system ground, computer system ground, UPS ground and etc. should be bonding together … and the reasons for that are :

1. If has multiple Ground rods its can cause the ground loops problem, ground of various electrical devices including lightning ground rod should be bonded together at the same point at the building ground master, and to bond the ground to neutral rather than one point this will cause the ground loop problems as well.

2. In the event of lightning strike, if there’re many points of ground rods, then there will be several points of the difference ground potential which will be very dangerous for the system, therefore it’s required to common the ground which all the ground must be connected to the same Earth / Ground electrode system, and if separates there will be gradient between two grounding systems which could lead to flashover or even electric shock.

How ever Stabil Deep Earth Grounding System recommend to separate the lightning ground rod from the system ground rod which is different from above theory, any reasons behind that ?

Answer :

1. As the Stabil Deep Earth Grounding System which has the depth from 12 meters and up it clearly identified to separate the System Ground rod (SG) from the Lightning Ground rod (LG) but if look deeply into the connection circuit actually the deep earth grounding of both systems are connected together same as standard ground system, but the deep earth grounding systems will connected together at the common earth point instead, which is the same principle of Equip Potential or Same Potential as the standard ground, this is as to avoid the voltage gradient at both grounding points due to lightning and surge strike events and as the deep earth grounding is bonding together at the common earth rather than at the earth surface point this will makes the connected electrical and electronic equipments are more safeties and not any effect at the ground surface level.

2. The Equip Potential or Same Potential is to make the different points of grounds to connect together as a virtual single point. This is as to make all points to be the same voltage and current when the lightning and surge present, therefore a model of standard ground has specified to connect the all the grounding systems together whether the lightning ground system, electrical ground communication or other grounds to connect together at the same virtual circuit and with the building structures this is as for the purpose of Equip Potential or Same Potential.

3. As Stabil Deep Earth Grounding System is determines as a deep earth single ground rod system and has the value of ground rod earth resistance close to 0 ohm, which the earth ground resistance of the single deep earth ground rod is measured compare to the Common Earth, as the reason the deep earth System Ground rod (SG) and the deep earth Lightning rod ground (LG) are virtually connected together for Equip Potential or same potential same as the standard ground (to bond all the ground systems together) but only at the Common Earth.

As Stabil experienced in Lightning protection systems and Grounding systems for over 26 years we found that the standard ground even already has the low grounding earth resistance and already done on the Equip Potential or Same potential at the earth surface level, but there’re still continuing the damages due to the lightning and surge, therefore Stabil has worked to improve the grounding system by replace with the deep earth grounding system which can made the electrical system more stable and non damages to the lightning and surge again and in order to prevent those damages caused from the lightning and surge we’d recommend to replace the standard ground with an alternative deep earth grounding system and this will give the interesting results and more worth for the investment.

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