Data Line Surge Protector

The STABIL data line surge protectors come with the STAC Technology which is the latest innovative designed technology to prevent damages to the electronic equipment such as LAN / Ethernet Network, CCTV, Network Camera, Load Cells, RS232 interface, RS485 interface and etc.

STABIL data line surge protectors have the ability to protect incoming surge over voltages with lowest signal attenuation, it prevents damage to electrical equipment from lightning strike voltage induced into the data lines, and other type of data cables.

The STABIL data line surge protectors had designed to have ability protect on both short duration surge (Transient) and long duration surge (TOVs) in the same unit.

Test Data Transmission Speed

CAT 5 / CAT 5e / CAT 6

STABIL Co., Ltd.
We are welcome you to test your Data Line Surge Protector CAT 5 / CAT 5e / CAT 6 performance.
with the Fluke DTX-1800 Network Analyzer ( Free Of Charge) .
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 LAN / Ethernet Network / CCTV / Network Camera
For RJ45 Connector

(with STAC Technology)

 LAN / Ethernet Network / CCTV / Network Camera
For Outdoor Application RJ45 Connector

(with STAC Technology)

Coaxial Surge Protector for BNC / TNC / F connector


(with STAC Technology)

Other Applications and Connectors

Specification :



– Load Cells
– Telephone Network
– RS232 interface
– RS485 interface
– and on request


– Screw Type
– RJ11
– DB9
– DB25
– and etc.

Different Protectors can be mounted on RACK 19″

Front View

Rear View