DC Line Surge Protector


1. DC  Line Surge Protector is the device for protecting the surge over voltage caused by lightning or short circuit of the power transmission system or an on – off of the heavy current taken of electrical appliance and other causes, makes electrical / electronic equipment to be safety including the personal safety in the protected area .

2. STABIL DC Line Surge Protector can be protected on 2 type of surges as follows  :
2.1 Short Duration Surge (Transient) such as surge waveform of 10/350 uSec  and  surge waveform of 8/20 uSec  according to the IEC 61643-11-2011 and ANSI / IEEE C62.41-1991 standards.
2.2  Long Duration Surge (TOVs) which caused by several reasons such as a short circuit of the power transmission system, an On-Off of the large Capacitor Bank, an on – off of the heavy current taken of electrical appliance and other causes  which is the major reason of electrical / electronic devices to be damaged, and the TOVs has been mentioned in the ANSI / IEEE C62.41.1-2002 standard.

3. Limit the surge over voltages not be too high and dangerous by pulling those surge over voltages through the protector and release it through ground via ground rod.

4. The major surge protection components such as Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) and / or Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) are Epcos brand (formerly named Siemens) and UL1449 / CSA approval.

5. The STABIL DC Line Surge Protector has designed and manufactured according to the ANSI / IEEE C62.41-1991, ANSI / IEEE C62.41.1-2002 และ IEC 61643-1-2005-03


STABIL Co., Ltd. has manufactured the DC Line surge protectors in various DC voltages level such as 12 VDC, 24 VDC and 48 VDC, 600 VDC , 800 VDC, 1000VDC systems for the  Solar Cell Protection, Solar Roof Top Solar Farm, and other use.

Solar PV Surge Protector.
The world today Solar PV system is so popular and has been widely used for the Green Energy and Energy saving, the Power Invertor of Solar PV is quite expensive with sophisticated work and it can be easily damaged by the Lightning and Surge this is due to these devices are connected to the outside the building, so it be necessary to install the special designed surge protector for the Solar PV protection as to prevent those damages.

The sudden of electrical over voltages which induced into electrical system, caused by lightning strike, the on – off of heavy current taken electrical equipment, a short circuit of the electrical distribution system and others.

Surges classified in 2 types as follows :
1. Short duration surge ( Transient ) is a very high sudden over voltage of  electricity e.g. 6KV  3KA in a very short period of time such as 1 / 1,000 to 1 / 1,000,000 of a second.
2. Long duration surge (Temporary Over Voltage or TOVs) is a sudden over voltage of electricity e.g. 400Vrms in a short period of time such as 0.01 to 3.0 seconds which TOVs is the most caused of the damages of electrical equipment.

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