Telephone Line Surge Protector

Telephone Line Surge Protector

Telephone Line Surge Protector
Is for protecting the telephone system from damages cause by Lightning surge which induce into the telephone and / or lease line, Ssap Technology is the latest innovative Resettable Surge Protection it can protects on the Over Voltage and Over Current at the same time.
Protect by all Modes Protection (L1-E, L2-E, L1-L2) with rapidly response time less than one of thousandth of a second which makes equipment connected to the telephone line safety.

How Telephone Line Surge Protector works and How it can protects ?

The demonstration of Telephone line Surge protection.

Conventional Technology

New Innovative Technology

For the convenience maintenance with nice & neat of the 10 telephone drop wires wiring (item 13).
And Protection with the Telephone line Surge Protectors (Item 8).

Special only for TOT customer.

Over_voltage and Over_Current Protection for Telephone Line
(for R&M MDF)


R&M VS compact MDF

ADSL Splitter POTs ( for MDF R&M )

Model : SAS-VS

R&M VS compact MDF

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