Surge the Disaster of the today world

Today’s world technology lead the development of electronic appliances using in residences condominiums and offices which made communication devices and industrial machineries always have faster performance.

However those electronic appliances are fragile and can be easy damaged by external disturbances e.g. surge overvoltage caused by lightning and surge over voltage caused by sudden switching of high capacity electric equipment or a short circuit of high-voltage transmission system those problems do not just only cause damages to only equipment but also made tremendous to businesses.

Lightning is a naturals phenomenal, once happened its can case tremendous damages to electrics, core communication networks and etc. Which those cases need huge amount of repair costs each year , anyhow those repair costs are just only direct costs, beside there’re still indirect costs hiding which cannot be estimated such as the lost business opportunities, the lost of human lives, the lost of nation security due to military communication network failure and etc.

STABIL Co., Ltd has founded by a group of qualified engineers and consultants which have spent 20 years for research to study cases of problems and damages to the telecommunication system in different places and cirumstances as well as processes many equipment and systems have been used to solve problems and we contionously monitor results until the research has accomplished to its goal , learning from field works has been used to develop system and surge protectors to successfully.

STABIL Co., Ltd has very well inter-cooperation with best supported from the EPCOS ( formerly named SIEMENS ) on surge protective innovation technology, we’re proud to make an actual demonstration as to show and proved that the STABIL product can be actually protects from surge damages.


What is Surge ?

Surge is a sudden over Voltage which induced into power Lines, Telephone Lines or any signal or data lines caused by Lightning Strike, Thunder, the on-off the heavy current taken electric equipment and the short circuit of the AC Power Line and etc.

Surge can be classified in 2 different kind as follows

  1. Short Duration Surge ( Transient ) is a sudden High Voltage and/or high Current which occurred into the electrical system in a very short period of time e.g. 1/1,000 Sec. and can simulate with the 8/20 uSec. Wavefrom
  2. Lond Duration Surge ( Temporary Over Voltage or TOVs ) is a sudden Over Voltage ( Less than 1,000 VAC ) and/or High Current which occurred into the electrical system in less than a few seconds e.g. between 0.01 to 3.0 Seconds.

How the Surges get in to damage the electrical equipment ?

Surges get in to damage the electrical equipment by access into AC Power Line or Telephone Lines or Data lines or Signal Lines which caused the Surge Over Voltage to destroy the electrical equipment.


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