5. A long argue about the Franklin Rod VS Early Streamer Emission Lightning Air-terminals.

Question: As STABIL long experienced in surge protectors and lightning protection system for more than 16 years, there’re a lot of questions asked that has the Early Streamer Emission ESE can actually works as there extreme protection advertisement ? as there price is several times higher than the standard lightning Air-terminal, which type of the lightning air-terminal that the buyers should be select for the lightning protection system which is the most worth than another ?.

Answer: As we known that the Early Streamer Emission lightning air-terminal is the French invented and designed which is academic is not recognize internationally. Actually the basic principles of the lightning air-terminal is just must qualify as a good conductor and well resistance to the corrosion from environments and as basic principle are enough for consider as a good lightning air-terminal.

In STABIL opinion, we should select to buy a standard Franklin Rod lightning air-terminal rather than the high cost of the Early Streamer Emission air-terminal as to save the cost and concentrate invest in making a good deep earth grounding system which will be more worth and cost effective.