: Can there be water in the ground rod pit ? and will there be any danger?

: We can see cases of flooding in the ground rod pit quite often. What can be the cause? :

  • The rainy season has abundant rainfall causing rainwater to flow into the ground rod pit.
  • Near the sewer, causing water to seep into the ground rod pit.
  • The high water level in the soil causes water to seep into the ground pit.
  • There is an underground water reservoir that allows water to seep into the ground rod pit.
  • From any other causes

In general, the ground rod is proposed for bypass the fault current to the ground, cause the safety for both electrical equipment and operators in the area this is because the low earth resistant value of the grounding rod allows the abnormal current to flow through the ground, this prevents the voltage at the ground rod being too high until it can be dangerous, one of the factors that will make the ground rod to has low earth resistant value is the moisture in the soil which is caused by water.

Therefore, it can be seen that the presence of water in the ground rod pit has a positive effect on good conductivity of the ground. The STABIL ground rod is a deep earth grounding (about 30 meters deep) which the ground rod is made of stainless steel for corrosion resistant. The connection point is Exothermic welding (melting welding method) and painted with anti-rust  paint. The ground wire is also insulated THW copper wire, so it resists corrosion without any problems in order to be immersed in water for a long time, which while measuring the earth resistance of the ground rod must be baled out of the ground pit to dry first.


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