What’re the Surge Protector features that need to consider?

Answer: The Surge Protector features which need to consider are as follows :

1. Must be able to protect with both Surge Transient and Temporary Over Voltages (TOVs).
2. Must be responds to the Surge very fast (less than 25 nSec.) as to protect the equipments ( Loads )on time.
3. The working voltage of the Surge Protection (Clamping Voltage) should be in a proper voltage levels, such as between 256 to 315 Volt, 50 Hz.
4. The voltage that appears at the load (Let Through Voltage), while protector operates must be less than 1kv (Test at Transient 6KV / 3KA) and / or less than 285 VAC (Test at TOVs 300 -600 VAC, 50 Hz / 10 – 20 A).