3. How to choose the Surge Protector ?

Answer: It’s difficult answer because we don’t know when the Surge will be and how strong of the surge will be, but the most common things to consider for choosing the size of the Surge Protector should be as follows :

1. The place of Surge Protector will be installed, for example if the place is in the vulnerable areas or on the open space or on the mountain, there should be consider to select the surge protector with 100KA at 8 / 20 μSec size, but if not in vulnerable area the sizes of surge protector can be 40KA at 8 / 20 μSec.

2. The value of the protected equipments, as well as the indirect value, e.g. the down time of the failure equipments or the loss of revenue or the human risk, in this case need to choose the surge protector with best quality which can also protect the Temporary Over Voltages (TOVs) for example can protect both Transient 100KA at 8 / 20 μSec. And TOVs 10A 3 Sec at the same device.