Portable Transient and TOVs Surge Protection Device

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SiPAD is the newest innovative of surge protector which is the smallest as in the palm size, it protects on both Transient and TOVs surges all in one unit, easy installation just plug-in and protects and can bring along with you anywhere and protects anytime 24 Hours.

  “ Never before in the market ” that the surge protector

  “ Never before in the market ” that the surge protector is smallest than ever and it can bring along with you anywhere, easy to use and can be installed by yourself at anytime 24 Hours. You can confident on the SiPAD, innovated by STABIL’s engineering team which has long direct experienced in lightning and surge protections for more than 25 years. With SiPAD innovative, it can breakthrough the limit of the conventional large size AC line surge protectors which expensive and needed to be installed by well qualified professional only. Now with SiPAD innovative brought the large AC line surge protector to be the smallest as in the palm size, easy to use, affordable to anyone, needed for protect to all the sensitive electrical / electronic equipment which always much smaller than before, higher performance but also moresensitive to be damaged by lightning and surges.

If protection is so easy,
why still take risk in damage

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Small size just plug-in and protects


Confident with the STOV Technology


Surge protection components MOV and GDT brand TDK-EPCOS( formerly named SIEMENS) with UL1449 standard approval


Use with 230 Volt 50 Hz AC power system, power consumption < 0.1 Watt


Housing is made of UL94V-0 material, the plug dimension is according to the TIS 166-2549 Std. clause 9

Confident with


Surge is the phenomenal which has overvoltage get into the AC distribution system and cause the damages or malfunction to the sensitive electric / electronic equipment. With the latest innovative of SiPAD with STov Technology can help to protects all the sensitive electric / electronic equipment from both Transient and TOVs surges all in one unit with the more than standard protections basis.

Just plug-in, 24 hours protection

Protection For

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Home Theater

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Server and Network

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Other Electrical Devices

Instruction of use


Easy and Simple

Easy and Simple as just plug-in SiPAD into power outlet or AC power strip socket, all the sensitive electric / electronic devices e.g. TV, Audio, Home Theater, Computer, Server and etc. at the protection point will be the best protected from the Lightning / Transient / TOVs / Surge damages.

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